Aviation lawyer group still critical of Hoover Law

 - August 4, 2008, 6:48 AM

Nearly three years after publication of an interim rule, the NTSB has published the final rules of the so-called “Hoover Law.” Although there are a couple of significant changes, the “final rule continues to be stacked in the FAA’s favor and against airmen,” according to the summer 2003 issue of the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association Journal. The law gives pilots and operators the option of requesting a hearing before the NTSB within 48 hours of an emergency revocation of their certificate. If the NTSB decides the revocation was not justified, the certificate is reinstated. The legislation is called the Hoover Bill because of airshow performer Bob Hoover’s three-year battle against the FAA’s emergency revocation authority. With the exception of two cases, the FAA has prevailed in the approximately 200 emergency revocations reviewed by the NTSB according to the Journal.