Dassault plans further Falcon production cutbacks

 - August 4, 2008, 6:46 AM

Dassault, which earlier this year disclosed it would cut production to between 50 and 60 Falcons this year, said at the Paris Air Show in June that the number will actually be “about 50.” It also plans to reduce production even further next year, to about 48 business jets. Dassault delivered 66 Falcons last year, down from a record 75 in 2001. Speaking in Paris, Dassault chairman Charles Edelstenne said that year-to-date the company had received orders for only 20 Falcons, an estimated five fewer than in the same period last year. Meanwhile, work on the new 5,700-nm Falcon 7X trijet continues toward a first flight early in 2005 and certification in the second quarter of 2006. To date, Dassault said it has orders for 30 copies of the 7X, each secured by $1 million nonrefundable deposits.