Rotorcraft Update: JetRanger gets stickshaker

 - August 5, 2008, 6:56 AM

Safe Flight Instrument Corp. has announced that Aeronautical Accessories, an affiliate of Bell Helicopter Textron, has obtained an STC allowing installation of Safe Flight’s Exceedence Warning System for the Bell 206B JetRanger. Safe Flight’s Exceedence Warning System continually monitors torque and exhaust gas temperature and provides pilots with a tactile annunciation when limits are being reached or exceeded. The system uses a shaker on the collective to provide tactile limit warnings that cannot easily be confused with any other cockpit warning signal. Two distinct levels of shaker warning are produced. A low-speed, low-intensity shake warns at a caution level. A high-speed shake provides a more urgent warning if the value exceeds the limit level. The pilot always has full control and can make informed decisions if the situation requires exceeding the limits. The Exceedence Warning System is standard equipment on the Bell 430 and is offered as an option on the Bell 427. Safe Flight holds an STC for installation on the Eurocopter SA 341G Gazelle.