Rotorcraft Update:Enstrom scores biggest sale ever

 - August 5, 2008, 6:55 AM

Mere months after a corporate shakeup rocked Enstrom Helicopter to the roots of its mahogany row, the Menominee, Mich.-based rotorcraft manufacturer celebrated the largest single-customer sale in its 44-year history. Making the marketers dance was news of the sale of no fewer than 18 Enstrom 480Bs to the Indonesian National Police. The 480B is a turbine powered by a single Rolls-Royce 250-C20W. As equipped, the 480Bs will perform surveillance missions using a standard VFR package augmented by GPS. While no firm price was placed on the deal, the price tag of all those helicopters, if purchased separately, would amount to roughly $11.9 million. The big deal is being seen in some quarters as a validation of ousted Enstrom president Steve Daniels’ plan to revitalize Enstrom’s worldwide dealership network. This latest and largest sale was handled by Enstrom-Asia of Taipei and its Indonesian sales rep, P.T. Poris Duta Sarana. Two of the police-mission-modified 480Bs have been in Indonesian National Police hands as program prototypes. The remaining 16 delivery positions will be filled next year.