Touching Bases: Jackson Hole keeps an eye on Naples

 - August 5, 2008, 8:27 AM

Airport officials at Jackson Hole, Wyo., are watching events in Naples to help determine how they will proceed with their own proposed Stage 2 ban. Most troubling to NBAA is language in the Senate’s FAA reauthorization bill that would permit such a ban. If the legislation passes as written, Jackson Hole would be able to restrict or prohibit operation of Stage 2 aircraft without having to complete an FAR Part 161 noise study. The federal legislation would ensure that the airport was not denied federal funding based on the ban, as is currently the case in Naples, where the FAA has ruled to cut off such funding. It remains unclear whether the language in the Senate reauthorization bill would set precedent for other airport authorities to impose restrictions on Stage 2 aircraft without benefit of the lengthy Part 161 studies.