New oils, lubricants and fluids

 - August 8, 2008, 9:42 AM

Air BP and ConocoPhillips took to the pulpit at EAA AirVenture to announce new oil and lubrication products, primarily for piston aircraft.

Air BP, the aviation fuels and lubricants business of the BP Group, announced the introduction in the U.S. of its Castrol Aviator range of monograde and ashless dispersant grade engine oils. The products have been marketed in Europe since their approval in 1995. Selected additives in the engine oils provide corrosion, rust and wear protection and resistance to oxidation. All viscosity grades of the ashless dispersant oil also contain the load-carrying/anti-scuff Lycoming LW-16702 additive required by many types of Lycoming engine.

Displaying a new container design that includes a resealable, pullout spout, Jim Olofsson, Castrol Aviator marketing manager, said, “High-performance monograde oils are now available in all viscosity grades.” BP group acquired Burmah Castrol in July 2000.

ConocoPhillips showed its expanded line of Phillips 66 lubricants and fluids for piston and turbine airplanes. Three new greases have been added to the product line. They are X/C 22CF, a synthetic, all-temperature grease for wheel and pitch-control bearings, designed for severe conditions; X/C 27, a synthetic, low-temperature grease for instruments and airframes; and X/C 45, a mineral-base, all-purpose grease for actuators and aircraft wheel bearings.

A new engine oil formulation, Phillips 66 Type A 100AW, has been derived from Type A 100AD with the addition of an anti-wear additive approved for all opposed piston engines. It also includes the Lycoming anti-wear additive and meets the SAE J1899 and military MIL-L-22851 specs.

Also added to the X/C line are two new mineral-based hydraulic fluids, X/C 5606A and 5606H, both of which have good low-temperature properties, according to ConocoPhillips