Avionics Update: WSI starts shipments of cockpit weather link

 - August 11, 2008, 9:15 AM

Just in time for the Oshkosh airshow last month, WSI announced FAA manufacturing approval for the company’s InFlight weather briefing system. With an equipment price of just under $5,000, the InFlight AV200’s remote receiver and antenna can display weather information on a variety of general aviation MFDs, including graphic and text TAF/Metars, EchoTops storm tracking, NowRad radar images and airmets and sigmets. Subscription to the service costs $599 a year, but WSI is promising an alternative option soon that will cost $19.95 each day the service is used, in addition to a flat $299 annual sign-up fee. Known to pilots around the world who frequent FBOs where WSI ground stations provide access to weather information, its maker is hoping for quick acceptance by pilots, who are faced with a flood of new weather services to choose from. Unlike services that rely on ground broadcast stations, WSI’s service is transmitted by satellite in a continuous stream that is updated every five minutes, according to the company.