In The Works: Beriev Be-103

 - August 11, 2008, 9:07 AM

Beriev Aircraft, of Taganrog, Russia, received FAA Part 23 type certification for its Be-103 twin-piston amphibian at EAA AirVenture directly from FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. It is the first Russian amphibious airplane to achieve this status. According to Beriev, the FAA certification process began in March 2001 with a meeting of the FAA Small Aircraft Certification Directorate, the Russian Register for Aircraft Certification, Kent Linn of Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown, N.J., and Beriev. Official application for the TC was made in October 2001 and FAA officials visited their Russian counterparts in March to flight test the Be-103. The three airplanes displayed at Oshkosh (on Wittman Field and at the seaplane base on Lake Winnebago) were transported to the U.S. from Russia in an Antonov An-124. After Oshkosh, the airplanes were ferried to Sky Manor for demonstration flights to potential owners. Two 210-hp Teledyne Continental IO-360-ES4 piston engines power the Be-103.