Garmin's G1000 for the Honda Jet

 - August 12, 2008, 4:38 AM

Garmin would not confirm its participation in the HondaJet program, but these photos and illustrations of the G1000 system and its architecture appeared in the report Honda R&D Americas chief engineer Michimasa Fujino submitted to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The report described the system as “a Garmin all-glass flight deck modular in design having open architecture.” The report lists triple interchangeable GFD 1045 primary flight/multifunction displays (compared with the Citation Mustang G1000 configuration, which uses a smaller-screen MFD mounted between the two larger PFDs) separated by dual GMA 1347 audio/marker beacon receiver units with dual, integrated avionics racks panel mounted behind the displays. Each rack accepts a GIA 63 COM/VOR/ILS/AFCS interface unit, a GTX 32 mode-C or GTX 33/D mode-S/traffic information system (TIS) transponder, a GEA 71 engine/airframe interface unit and a GDC 74/B air-data computer. The system incorporates a GRS 77 attitude heading reference system (AHRS) remotely mounted in the nose. The PFD and MFD interface with their respective GIA 63 sensors through high-speed unidirectional Ethernet buses. The system also includes Garmin weather radar and an autopilot, two technologies that Garmin has added to its portfolio with the recent corporate acquisition of a radar design and an in-house developmental program to develop an autopilot suitable for the demands of aircraft that would use the G1000 suite.