Interim CEO addresses Jet Aviation customers

 - August 12, 2008, 4:46 AM

Heinz Köhli, appointed by Jet Aviation’s parent company to replace Thomas Hirschmann as CEO of the business aviation conglomerate, delivered a message to “business friends” and “colleagues” in the latest issue of Jet Aviation’s internal publication, Outlook. In his editorial contribution, Köhli outlined the management changes that have occurred in the first half of the year, including the decision by the board of Hirschmann Holdings to take Jet Aviation off the acquisition market. The changes also included appointing him as interim CEO, replacing Thomas Hirschmann, son of company founder, the late Carl Hirschmann.

Köhli, a 26-year veteran Jet Aviation executive, wrote, “There is no doubt that the past two years of uncertainty generated concerns regarding the company’s direction and future. During the sales negotiations, the due-diligence process created many distractions; however, our goal to provide exemplary service and support never wavered. In fact, something that was particularly gratifying to learn during the sales negotiations was that, without exception, prospective equity partners consistently remarked about the superior capabilities, dedication and professionalism of our employees.”

Köhli added that Jet Aviation is dedicated to continuing to set “benchmark” standards in aircraft maintenance; completions; refurbishment; engineering; FBO services; sales; charter; and management. He wrote, “These continue to be the hallmark of our client circle of benefits and our commitment to you, the customer.”