Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Introduces Jetflex Interior Coating

 - September 5, 2008, 6:54 AM

Sherwin-Williams has introduced its JetFlex interior aircraft finish, a solvent-based polyurethane enamel and water-reducible polyurethane dispersion coating that adheres to plastic, metal and composite surfaces. It is a low volatile organic compounds formula that contains no free isocyanates, lead or chrome. Further, the single-package formulation does not require a catalyst for application and can be air or force dried. It is qualified to BMS (Boeing Material Specification) 10-83G, Type II and III, and it meets FAR/JAR 25.853 regulations with regard to burn, smoke and heat release. According to the company, JetFlex coatings come in “unlimited colors” and are available in multiple gloss ranges with an intermix system.