Avidyne Introduces PFD4000 Retrofit Display

 - September 24, 2008, 4:52 AM

Avidyne last month introduced the Entegra PFD4000, an eight-inch primary flight display system intended to compete with Garmin’s G600 retrofit display product. The PFD4000 is designed as a six-pack replacement that Avidyne said will fit in virtually any panel space and offers traditional primary flight instrumentation, including support for autopilot and flight director as well as altitude pre-select, vertical-speed select and heading select modes.

The PFD4000 has a wide-format artificial horizon, trend tapes for altitude, airspeed and vertical speed, electronic HSI with moving-map presentation of flight plan data, an RMI/bearing pointer overlay and wind velocity pointer. Initial availability is expected next year after Avidyne completes the approved model list STC for the product. A price was not disclosed.