Bizjets bulk of Dassault’s sales

 - October 2, 2008, 5:35 AM

Sales of Dassault’s Falcon line held up well during the first half of this year, compensating for a dip on the military side of its business. Declining defense orders saw the French group’s sales for the first six months of this year down by almost 14 percent from last year’s first half figure of r1.79 billion to r1.54 billion ($2.28 billion).
Dassault booked orders for 87 Falcons during this year’s first half. It booked the same number during last year’s first half. However, with a combined value of r1.10 billion ($1.63 billion) these new orders accounted for 71 percent of total first-half group sales–compared with r1.03 billion and 57 percent in the same period last year.
Consolidated orders for Dassault reached r2.39 billion as of June 30, and the Falcon backlog accounted for as much as 79 percent of this business. Dassault delivered 34 Falcons during the first half of this year–up from 29 in the same period last year. This total included 13 Falcon 7Xs, for which the total order tally stood at 235 as of June 30. A company spokesman conceded that delays at the completions stage of production have meant that Dassault has not yet hit its target delivery rate for the 7X but said that it expects to overcome this issue by year-end.     –C.A.