SkyLink Broadband Coverage Extended to Caribbean

 - October 2, 2008, 6:20 AM

Arinc Direct has expanded its SkyLink broadband satellite communications network to include “substantial” coverage of the Caribbean, Central America and part of South America. SES Americom is using its Ku-band satellite NSS-7 to provide satellite coverage for the region. Arinc conducted beta tests of the SkyLink coverage from the Gulf of Mexico to northern Peru. According to Arinc vice president Bob Hanley, “The customer reported seamless access during the trip, with reliable coverage for the entire flight.” The expanded coverage adds to the high-speed Internet service coverage Arinc already provides over the U.S., most of Canada, the North Atlantic, Europe and the eastern CIS nations. Rockwell Collins uses the SkyLink service for its eXchange data hardware offering for business jets.