Iraqi CRJ900s Seized

 - October 8, 2008, 7:49 AM

The Quebec Superior Court in late August granted Kuwait Airways a seizure order for 10 Bombardier CRJ900s ordered by the Iraqi government for Iraqi Airways. The order comes as Kuwait continues efforts to collect reparations for damages caused by Iraq during the first Gulf War. “This first move in a sequence of planned enforcement proceedings, taken with the consent of the Kuwaiti government, has been forced on [Kuwait Airways] by the total lack of movement toward any meaningful negotiations by Iraq and [Iraqi Airways],” said Kuwait Airways legal representative Christopher Gooding. “I hope that this action will act as a wake-up call.” Under the terms of an order placed by Iraq, Bombardier would have ferried the first CRJ900 to the war-torn country last month. At press time, Bombardier was “consulting with its legal advisors,” according to a spokesman. ‰