Rapco fleet support gets PMA for Sabreliner brakes

 - October 8, 2008, 12:25 PM

Sabreliner 40 and 60 operators now have another choice for aircraft equipped with ABSC (Goodyear) brakes. Rapco Fleet Support (RFS) of Hartland, Wis., has been awarded parts manufacturer approval (PMA) for its replacement brake components.

RFS brake parts can now be used on all Sabre 40s and 60s in place of the original equipment on a part-for-part basis without restriction. PMA allows for full interchangeability and mixing with the original ABSC brake parts.

RFS earned its FAA PMA by subjecting the design to hundreds of cycles on a brake dynamometer and by conducting an FAA-mandated aircraft flight test that included wet runway braking tests and max-weight rejected takeoffs.

“Operators of these older aircraft have been ignored by the OEM suppliers and therefore have seen substantial price increases year after year. Sabre operators now have an option when purchasing replacement brakes. RFS’s FAA-approved brake parts offer superior quality at substantial savings over the original equipment,” said Rusty Keagle, director of sales and product development for RFS.

The company currently manufactures replacement steel brake parts for a variety of corporate aircraft, including Learjets, Hawkers, Citations and King Airs. It also manufactures brake parts for the Beech 1900, Beech 99, Brasilia, Jetstream 31 and Metroliner.