European engineering schools to get Fokker F27s

 - October 9, 2008, 4:57 AM

Netherlands-based AELS, a company that develops sustainable aircraft end-of-life strategies, is offering nine complete Fokker F27s, currently parked at Cologne Airport in Germany, to European engineering schools. The company is making the donation to help train maintenance personnel needed throughout Europe.

Derk-Jan van Heerden, general manager of AELS, said, “We are offering these aircraft for a value lower than the recycling value of the aircraft. I would also like to thank WDL, the last owners of this aircraft, for making this possible. With this project we do our part in making sure that AELS and our MRO colleagues have enough well trained engineers in the future.”

In cooperation with the schools, the company is looking for options to minimize the cost of disassembly, transport and assembly. One such option is to execute parts of the project with the students of the school under the supervision of an AELS engineer.

If not all the F27s can be used by engineering schools, AELS will find other options for re-using the aircraft, such as a museum or a training aircraft for firemen. The company will dismantle and recycle the remaining aircraft. In all cases, AELS says it will focus on the greenest solution.

AELS’s aircraft recycling program consists of three elements: decision support for aircraft owners during fleet renewal programs; aircraft disassembly and dismantling services; and component management, including all processes required to make re-use of components in the aviation industry possible, such as marketing, sales and logistic support.