Texas Aviation Delivers ‘Studio in the Sky’

 - October 9, 2008, 6:47 AM

Texas Aviation Services is no stranger to unusual helicopter interiors, but the Eurocopter AS 350B2 for Hangar 5 Productions of Scottsdale, Ariz., stretched the imagination. Hangar 5 owner Mitch Kelldorf wanted what he described as “a Hollywood production style studio in the sky.” And he got it. The Fort Worth, Texas-based helicopter interior completion and modifications center delivered an aircraft with a Geneva Aviation package that incorporates an audio/video console between the crew seats and an iTouch iPod integrated into the center console for the crew, cameraman and/or director of photography.

The audio/video panel on the console provides power to the 15-inch Marshal Sunbrite monitor and Astro Systems 3208 Wave Form/Vector Scope monitor display that is integrated with the Dart/Geneva P165 system aft of the copilot seat. A Sunbrite monitor installed on the copilot’s side of the primary instrument panel provides easy access to the monitor’s contrast/color adjustments for the director of photography, camera operator and pilot. The audio/video panel includes FM provision as well as input for a portable high-definition DVD player and auxiliary power adapter.

Also part of the package is a portable Sony SRW1/SRPC1 high-definition recorder and processor, the latest product from the CineAlta product line, capable of recording everything from feature film work to commercials to standard video production.

Cabin amenities include air conditioning by Integrated Flight Systems, a Dart aft baggage door hinge mod and rear locker extender, Whelen LED lights and Tech Tool’s tinted windows. The four passenger seats and pilot seats have Tempur-Pedic foam for additional comfort and are upholstered with Aeristo leather.