Cost of Compliance

 - October 27, 2008, 12:18 PM

Here’s an estimate of the cost of compliance with the TSA’s proposed Large Aircraft Security Program:

• Estimated 10-year cost to the TSA to implement the LASP: $133.5 to $139.8 million.

• Estimated cost to industry to comply over 10 years: $1.4 billion

• Per-flight estimated cost: $44

• Annual compliance cost for newly regulated operators: $12,259 to $28,356

Note: The TSA noted that it couldn’t make “a conclusive determination of the rule’s impact on small entities in this operator category” because it “was unable to acquire annual revenue data for these operators.” The agency does not seem to recognize that the affected aircraft operators earn no revenue from their aircraft because they are flying for their own business and personal reasons. This seems to support claims that the TSA still does not understand general aviation operations.