U.S. Pre-clearance Coming To Universal Aruba

 - October 27, 2008, 11:44 AM

Starting early next year, private aircraft traveling to the U.S. from or via Latin America will be allowed to pre-clear all U.S. Customs and Immigration at Aruba’s general aviation terminal, operated by Universal Weather & Aviation subsidiary Universal Aviation Aruba. The U.S. and Aruba reached the agreement in May this year, making Aruba the first country in the world to sign such a pre-clearance agreement with the U.S. When private aircraft operators land at Queen Beatrix Airport in Oranjestad, they will enter the customs and immigration wing of the terminal, and once cleared they will be officially considered within the U.S. and able to bypass the normally required U.S. airports of entry and proceed direct to any destination within the United States.