Lufthansa Technik goes 3-D

 - October 31, 2008, 11:27 AM

Lufthansa Technik’s latest innovation in business jet cabin “infotainment” is called Niceview, an upgrade that takes the venerable moving-map display into a new dimension–3-D, that is.

The Hamburg, Germany specialist in narrow- and widebody completion and refurbishment introduced Niceview, the latest upgrade of its moving-map display, last month at NBAA’08 in Orlando. It provides worldwide 3-D maps and virtual flight views, along with “a multitude of information screens. High-definition video output ensures quality resolution.”

The list of options includes loading and changing of customer pictures, movies and audio data, safety briefings and airport information, as well as boarding music and audio announcements. A system management application is also available, allowing users to custom configure viewing sequences and content data. The changes can be uploaded to the onboard system via USB as well as wireless or wire Ethernet connections.

To ensure adequate support, Lufthansa Technik’s Innovation business unit has established a Niceview customer call care and technical support center. With the help of a full on-site Niceview mockup, the support team can troubleshoot specific customer configurations while speaking directly to the aircraft operator.

The goal of Niceview, according to a Lufthansa Technik spokes- man, is to allow the passenger to enjoy in-flight entertainment and at the same time receive information about all aspects of the journey.