Universal offers CVFDR to meet upcoming rules

 - October 31, 2008, 11:42 AM

Universal Avionics last month introduced a cockpit voice and flight data recorder (CVFDR) with internal recorder independent power supply (Rips). The CVFDR records up to 25 hours of flight data and 120 minutes of datalink messages.

The independent power supply option provides up to 10 minutes of backup power in the event of a main power failure. The company said the backup power meets requirements set by the NTSB and FAA. The NTSB lists backup power source capability and two-hour cockpit audio recording capability on its “10 Most Wanted List” of safety improvements.

The FAA published a rule in March that will require all forward-fit CVR installations in aircraft with more than 10 seats to have independent power supply capabilities by March 2010. The rule also requires the recording of datalink communications on all forward-fit aircraft with an onboard datalink.

“Rips truly is one of the most wanted aviation safety improvements,” a Universal Avionics spokesman said. “We are pleased to offer the first inexpensive solution to accommodate this 10-minute power requirement after a power loss without the headache of maintaining batteries.” The CVFDR has a list price starting at $16,500.