Helitech '08: Semia Introduces Autonomous Vibration-check Device

 - November 3, 2008, 6:01 AM

Semia, a French manufacturer of maintenance equipment, was at Helitech 2008 exhibiting the Syntham 5000, a new engine vibration-check device that can monitor several channels simultaneously.

“Multi-channel means that you can measure two or three points at a time. This is valuable, since each acquisition involves one engine start,” Jean-Marc Boubennec, Semia’s sales and support manager, told AIN. Vibration is measured during the engine’s starting phase because potential problems are more apparent during transients.

The touch-screen device includes all the hardware necessary for independence from a PC. The system also features “entry-level” rotor track and balance. “The Syntham 5000 only measures; it does not suggest corrections,” Boubennec said.

Like its predecessor, the Syntham 2000, the Syntham 5000 can measure turboshaft engine vibration, component by component. Said Boubennec, “This is useful every time major maintenance–such as blade replacement or engine overhaul–is performed.” Moreover, unusual vibration left unaddressed can cause crew and airframe fatigue. Excessive starter/generator vibration can cause cracks in the fuel system and therefore leaks, Boubennec emphasized.