Final Report: Hydraulic hose ruptured

 - November 4, 2008, 8:18 AM

Cessna 560 Citation Ultra, North Canton, Ohio, Dec. 17, 2006–The NTSB blamed the landing accident of the Citation Ultra on the rupture of the hydraulic pressure hose assembly, caused by internal wear between the hose’s fire sleeve and stainless steel braid, and the failure of the emergency landing gear extension assembly to deploy the right main landing gear. Contributing factors were inadequate maintenance inspection procedures, the lack of a hose life limit by the airplane manufacturer and the inadequate gear rigging procedures (which the manufacturer is addressing). The Mid-Ohio Aviation Ultra was on approach to Akron-Canton Regional Airport when the crew reported the right main landing gear would not extend. They made a partial gear-up landing. There were no injuries. The aircraft, and the failed hose, had accumulated 8,356.9 hours.