EFB Maker Paperless Cockpit Closes Its Doors

 - December 1, 2008, 6:47 AM

Owners of electronic flight bag (EFB) portable computers sold by Paperless Cockpit are searching for alternative vendors after the Tennessee company went out of business two months ago. “Due to current economic conditions, Paperless Cockpit has ceased all operations,” a recorded message informs callers to the company’s main number.

Operators flying with Paperless Cockpit EFBs and remote file-server units can contact hardware manufacturers directly about warranty claims, but support for the products and related software apparently is no longer available after the supplier, founded in 1995, shut its doors. The Paperless Cockpit Web site was still operational at press time and the company was still listed as a supplier on a number of partner Web sites at press time, although information about the company appears not to have been updated for several months. Messages left with Paperless Cockpit were not returned.