Fans flight paves the way for CPDLC from Gulfstream

 - December 1, 2008, 6:42 AM

Gulfstream said it has completed a full future air navigation system (Fans) flight across the Atlantic Ocean using controller-pilot datalink communication with automatic dependent surveillance (CPDLC/ADS).

The flight was the first of its kind for a purpose-built business jet. The CPDLC/ADS datalink provides flight crews with direct communication to oceanic and remote-area air traffic controllers.

Gulfstream senior international captains Sean Sheldon and Ron Newton flew the Gulfstream G450 test airplane from Savannah, Ga., to London-Luton Airport and back. The airplane, which features an integrated PlaneView avionics package with triple flight management systems (FMS) operating in synchronous mode, used CPDLC/ADS for oceanic communication and position reporting.

Gulfstream said it anticipates offering CPDLC/ADS to operators of large-cabin Gulfstreams in the third quarter of next year. It will be part of Certification Foxtrot for PlaneView, the Gulfstream flight deck based on Honeywell Primus Epic avionics. The PlaneView upgrade will also include WAAS approach capability and support required navigation performance 0.1.