Acoustic Package Claimed To Cut Cabin Noise by 30 Percent

 - December 2, 2008, 4:26 AM

A new thermal/acoustic barrier package promises to reduce cabin noise by as much as 30 percent. The Silentium Air SPS 360 is a product of Aviation International Management Services (AIMS) of Montreal, which is supplying the kits to exclusive marketing agent Zenith Jet, also of Montreal.

At the core of the Silentium product is a standard micro-light blanket, to which two layers of proprietary material are bonded. The entire package is custom-designed for each aircraft, taking into consideration such noise sources as pumps and actuators. Also part of the package is the application of noise damping material to the interior of the aircraft skin and flooring.

According to AIMS v-p of program management Abdul Hajibrahim, the Silentium Air package has been installed and tested in more than 30 business aircraft, from a Learjet 55 to a Boeing Business Jet. The result, he said, is a reduction in average cabin noise of as much as 5 dB (SIL), the equivalent of a 30-percent drop in the speech interference level (SIL). The results, he added, are not measured under laboratory conditions, but on board actual aircraft.

In addition, he pointed out, the total Silentium Air package in a Challenger 601 used as a test aircraft weighed 500 pounds less than the factory-installed thermal/acoustic package.

For a 600-series Challenger, the product is priced in the $200,000 range and includes the Silentium blanket and sound damping material applied to the interior aircraft skin and flooring, as well as engineering support and drawings. “The only thing not included is labor,” said Zenith board member Jahid Fazal-Karim.

Installation of the package requires as little as seven working days and can be performed by any authorized maintenance, repair and overhaul center. Zenith and AIMS also provide the on-site services of one of its technicians during the installation process.