Oil Companies Launch Rewards Programs

 - December 2, 2008, 7:57 AM

In October, oil companies Chevron Global Aviation and Phillips 66 Aviation announced new rewards programs for fuel buyers, which allow flight operations to give the rewards to any employee instead of limiting rewards to pilots. Rewards in the new programs are merchandise cards and in Chevron’s case gas cards as well.

Chevron’s FlyBuys reward points are available at any of the participating Chevron- and Texaco-branded FBOs in the U.S. Points accumulate at the rate of one point
per gallon, although Chevron Alliance Program charge-card users can earn additional points. Rewards are either Chevron or Texaco gas station gift cards or universal gift certificates available from GiftCertificates.com, which can be used at hundreds of retailers. FlyBuys won’t be affiliated with any fuel credit-card systems; participants simply show their FlyBuys card to the FBO to have points logged in their account. Users pay no fees to participate in FlyBuys, and typical redemption levels are 2,500 points for a $25 universal SuperCertificate from GiftCertificates.com or 2,000 points
for a $25 Chevron or Texaco gas-station gift card.

Phillips 66 Aviation’s new WingPoints program rewards are debit or gifts cards that can be used at dozens of retailers. WingPoints rewards levels begin at 20,000 points ($25 reward). Those points accumulate twice as fast when using a Phillips 66 Aviation or any ConocoPhillips credit card for aviation fuel purchases. Reward levels climb to 35,000 points for a $50 card and 60,000 points for a $100 reward. Multiple WingPoints memberships can be linked, so all the pilots in one flight department could create a master account to accumulate rewards faster. FBOs can use WingPoints to their advantage by offering special point-of-sale bonus points to customers or WingPoints contests.