Renovated landmark HPN opens

 - December 31, 2008, 6:01 AM

On December 10, Landmark Aviation celebrated the grand opening of the FBO chain’s newly renovated FBO at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y. Landmark purchased the former facility in early 2006. Initial plans called for a more conservative upgrade to the facility, “but once we realized how fantastic White Plains was,” said Landmark vice president of logistics Jim Hopkins, “we made the decision to go all the way.” The result is a $5.4 million investment and construction of a new 23,208-sq-ft two-story FBO terminal on the south side of the FBO’s hangar complex, north of the airport’s airline terminal building. The two-story design left space for the FBO to have its own parking lot so customers don’t have to park at the public parking area.

Features in the new FBO terminal include pilot lounges and sleep rooms, a canteen area with large-capacity refrigerators for catering supplies, a flight-planning room, conference room and wireless Internet access throughout the facility. Landmark White Plains also has an agreement with the Hilton Rye Town hotel in Rye Brook under which the hotel will pick up passengers from the Landmark FBO. “We tried to work with local vendors so we can provide the highest quality of service experience,” Hopkins said.