Comments due this month on LASP

 - January 27, 2009, 5:45 AM

The February 27 deadline for the public to submit comments about the Transportation Security Administration’s proposal to regulate general aviation operations under the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) is rapidly approaching. By January 20, nearly 2,000 comments had been submitted to the TSA (although many are duplicates).
NBAA members are increasingly voicing concern and agree that the rules do not offer any tangible security benefit.

While aircraft manufacturers are against the rule, only Gulfstream has formally commented at public meetings. Cessna has not submitted comments and encourages operators to work through NBAA and GAMA, while Dassault Falcon sent its comments to GAMA for submission.

Notably missing from the LASP debate are celebrities and influential owners of aircraft with a mtow of more than 12,500 pounds.