MAC Wins Polish Presidential Helo Bid

 - January 30, 2009, 5:32 AM

MAC Aircraft Interior Specialists (formerly McCarthy Interiors) has won a $1.75 million contract to design and build quick-change executive interior kits for two Czech-made PZL W-3A Sokol twin-turbine helicopters destined for use by Poland’s presidential and government fleet.

Each helicopter will be fitted with luxury seats for the principal passengers, an aft three-seat divan with pull-down back for baggage compartment access, a two-seat ottoman and a flight-attendant seat. Cabin systems will include satellite air-to-ground communications, audio in-flight entertainment and upgraded lighting, heating and ventilation.

With palletized seats, the entire executive cabin can be removed in 20 minutes by means of 18 anchor fittings, according to UK-based MAC Aircraft.

MAC Aircraft commercial director Roger Patron said the company has also prepared and begun marketing an executive concept for the PZL SW-4.