Augusta Airport ready for master golfers

 - February 27, 2009, 9:21 AM

Travelers flying to Bush Field in Augusta, Ga., for the Masters Golf Tournament April 6 to 12 at the Augusta National Golf Club will be able to secure Avfuel Avtrip bonus points during the event. Avfuel dealer Augusta Regional Airport Aviation Services is city-owned and -operated but offers competitive fuel prices and all the amenities pilots expect to find at big-name FBOs. The Augusta FBO features a snack bar, conference room and separate pilot and passenger lounges. Pilots have access to a snooze room, showers, flight planning room and courtesy transportation. “We want each customer to feel that he or she is the only customer that we have,” said supervisor William Thompson. “If there is any problem, I want him or her to know that I take it seriously and will find a way to fix it.”