BaySys Plans Completion Hangar Large Enough for A380

 - February 27, 2009, 9:38 AM

BaySys International won’t say if it’s lobbying to be the first with an interiors contract for an executive version of the Airbus A380, but the Wallops Island,
Va.-based independent completion and refurbishment center is planning a hangar large enough to accommodate the giant.

Unlike current BaySys hangars, the new 360,000-sq-ft facility is to be built on property that is not part of the Wallops Island NASA complex, simplifying access by clients who are foreign nationals. Entry to government property requires that non-U.S. applicants file for access 30 days in advance. While the hangar would not be on government property, said a spokesman, it would be just a short taxi from the hangar onto the airfield.

Meanwhile, BaySys has closed its BaySys West facilities in San Bernardino, Calif. Company management cited its desire to focus on current projects, including two head-of-state widebody interiors scheduled for delivery in 2009–an Airbus A340 and a Boeing 777.