Globalair homepage revamped

 - February 27, 2009, 9:28 AM

Aviation information Web site accomplished a major upgrade, making all of its useful tools and information sources easier to locate. features include the airport resource center, with extensive information on airports, FBOs and current weather, as well as the Max-Trax fuel-route mapping system and Aircraft Exchange aircraft sales service. A new feature is current weather conditions for each user. Once a user enters a U.S. airport identifier, zip code or city and state, automatically displays the current weather each time the user revisits the Web site. As of mid-February,’s airport resource center tracked fuel prices for 1,591 FBOs. “ isn’t just an aviation Web site,” said Jeffrey Carrithers, the company’s CEO. “It’s an intelligent portal that allows every visitor easy access to content and applications that are valuable based on
the user’s specific need.”