How Much for an Aircraft Type Certificate?

 - February 27, 2009, 8:26 AM

The EASA’s flat fee for a type certificate for a fixed-wing aircraft with an mtow of between 5.7 and 22 metric tons (encompassing the Cessna Citation CJ3 to the Falcon 900 series) is e1.06 million ($1.48 million). For a rotorcraft, it ranges from e20,000 to e525,000 ($28,000 to $735,000). Additional annual fees are levied to pay for the administration processes that ensure continued airworthiness. For the aforementioned airplane, it is e17,000 ($24,000) per year for an EU design and e5,700 ($8,000) for a non-EU design. For a rotorcraft, the annual fee ranges from e1,000 to e65,000 ($1,400 to $91,000), depending on the size and origin of
the design.