In the Works: Embraer Phemon 100

 - February 27, 2009, 8:37 AM

Embraer officially became the third manufacturer to achieve entry-into-service of a very light jet, having delivered two Phenom 100s by the end of last
year following Brazilian ANAC and FAA certification in early December. EASA certification is expected early this year. Embraer had planned to deliver up to
15 Phenom 100s last year, but delays stemming from anti-icing and flap actuation software issues pushed certification back.

Embraer has exceeded its performance guarantees in most cases, including more range
and shorter takeoff and landing field lengths and 10 knots more high-speed cruise. Although preliminary certification documents mentioned a maximum takeoff weight of 9,700 pounds, the final weight is 10,472 pounds. Now that the Phenom 100 is entering service, it’s time to remove the very light jet from the In The Works chart.