New Jet Center Planned for California Airport

 - March 30, 2009, 9:42 AM

Later this year, San Luis Jet Center will begin construction on a new FBO at San Luis County Regional Airport on the Central California coast. The design work is nearly finished for the facility, which includes a 24,734-sq-ft FBO and two hangars enclosing 55,200 sq ft. Aviation Consultants’ five Citation Excels and two Citation Xs will be based in the hangars, which will also house the company’s ACI Jet Solutions maintenance facility.

The design of the complex incorporates energy-saving “ambient lighting and natural airflow to minimize the amount of energy necessary to light, heat and cool the building,” according to the Jet Center. San Luis Jet Center also offers Toyota Prius hybrids as crew cars. The San Luis Airport is an ideal jumping-off point for Hawaii and Pacific Rim trips, Jet Center president William Borgsmiller noted. The airport is near sea level, has a 6,100-foot ILS-served runway and rarely has outside air temperatures above 80 degrees F.