Embraer seeks LCY approval for E190; Lineage 1000 OK will follow

 - April 30, 2009, 6:35 AM

Embraer’s 100-seat E190 in late March formally began its campaign to gain certification for flights into and out of London City Airport (LCY). The certification, expected by Embraer near the end of this year, would not immediately apply to the Lineage 1000–the executive transport that uses the E190’s airframe. However, Embraer plans to pursue Lineage certification for LCY once it finishes the process for the E190.

“The Embraer 170 concluded its LCY certification in 2007 with a simple and efficient steep approach solution based on its fly-by-wire flight controls,” said Mauro Kern, Embraer executive vice president for the airline market. “With the Embraer 190 certification expected by the end of this year, Embraer will be able to offer great flexibility to European carriers, so they can better match capacity to demand in the high-yield business travel markets connecting to London’s financial heart.”

Last December British Airways signed a firm order covering six E170s and five E190s for its BA CityFlyer subsidiary, which flies all the group’s UK and European services to and from London City. BA CityFlyer expects delivery of its first E170 in October and its first E190 next March.

The E190 will perform the steep approach with the use of software developed for the airplane’s existing fly-by-wire system, which, according to Embraer, means better flying qualities and control, reduced pilot workload and lower aircraft weight and maintenance cost. When departing LCY, the E190 will have a range of more than 800 nm, covering all routes now operated from the airport, as well as more distant European cities such as Madrid and Lisbon.

Before beginning trials at LCY, Embraer had conducted “extensive” flight testing in the northern Brazilian city of Macapa, which provides similar sea-level conditions typically encountered at London City.