Eurocopter opens Hong Kong constumer service center

 - May 1, 2009, 4:10 AM

Following the creation of the European Customer Service Center (CSC) in October 2007, Eurocopter has opened a center in Hong Kong (CSC Asia-Pacific). According to the company, Asia-Pacific customers operate 1,264 Eurocopters.

The daily operations of CSC Asia-Pacific will be managed by Helicopter CSC with 12 local professionals. According to Derek Sharples, Eurocopter’s vice president for customer support, the company employs local expertise and resources to integrate more effectively “in the business, cultural and social practices of each country.

“The presence of CSC Asia-Pacific will enhance our existing network of seven subsidiaries in Asia-Pacific and assist them in responding to customers’ queries more efficiently. It will gradually take over all the customer calls in Asia-Pacific from the CSC in France,” Sharples said.