Standard Aero launcheS System-wide SMS

 - May 1, 2009, 4:18 AM

“StandardAero will never compromise flight safety, going above and beyond the regulatory, legal or acceptable minimum requirements,” said StandardAero president and CEO Rob Mionis.

“By implementing the Immune-Safety Management System, StandardAero has become vigilant in identifying risks and threats to product quality, and proactive in eliminating them. This allows the company to minimize the risk of future occurrences.”

According to Jack Lawless, senior v-p of operations, the name Immune-SMS comes from the belief that flight safety management should function much like the human immune system, proactively seeking ways to identify and defend customers and the organization against hazards.

“The main objective of the Immune-SMS is to expose safety hazards or vulnerabilities that can contribute to poor product quality or degrade safety. Once exposed, the company then prioritizes and implements actions to eliminate or minimize these key vulnerabilities,” Lawless told AIN.

“It is not a computer system, database, slogan or poster. It is a strong commitment to equipping employees with the knowledge, skills and enabling processes that allow the company to anticipate possible threats to product quality and flight safety and empower them to act in the best interest of the operator. With this program we will exceed regulatory requirements for SMS coming into force in Canada and Singapore in 2009 as well as other jurisdictions in the future.”