Hot section: california MRO offers international on-call service

 - June 4, 2009, 6:59 AM

Corona, Calif.-based Single Point of Contact has introduced a new service:
single-point assist maintenance service exclusively for overseas destinations.
The subscription service provides on-site maintenance technicians with a single phone call from the aircraft operator.

Operators sign up for coverage that varies by where and how often they travel overseas. Single Point Assist has a detailed map on its Web site that depicts all the airports currently covered and specifies the level of support available at each airport. If the operator needs to fly to an area that is not on the current coverage map, it can simply call and have it added to the network. “We are constantly expanding our
network and already cover multiple airports in Japan, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and South America,” said Richard Gardner, president of Single Point Assist.  

“The difference between Single Point Assist and traditional AOG support
is that we do all the work for you and have local technicians come right to your aircraft with just one phone call. We are not a directory service but an on-demand, hands-on solution to your maintenance issue.”