Where have all the (JetDirect) people gone?

 - June 29, 2009, 11:18 AM

Now that JetDirect Aviation has closed and gone bankrupt and Wayfarer Aviation has arisen from the JetDirect assets, former employees of the once high-flying company have branched off in new directions. Wayfarer Aviation is the new charter/management firm owned by Brantley Partners, which purchased assets of JetDirect Aviation after that firm’s shutdown.

In early June, Bob Marinace, former COO of JetDirect Aviation, resigned from his job as acting president of Wayfarer Aviation.

Gil Wolin, Wayfarer executive vice president, resigned in April. Marinace has formed a consulting group, and Wolin is offering sales, marketing and communications consulting services.

Also in early June, a new jet management company–Flight Partners Group–was launched by former employees of AMI Jet Charter and TAG Aviation USA. JetDirect had purchased assets of TAG Aviation USA, which included AMI Jet Charter. Flight Partners will “offer cost-effective blending of aircraft management with an owner’s supplemental business jet travel requirements,” according to a company statement, “from jet cards and fractional share ownership to charter lift sourcing.”

At the helm of Flight Partners is founder and CEO Herb Marchman and president Donald Hitch, former president of AMI Jet Charter and an executive of TAG Aviation. Marchman used to be president of FBO Santa Fe AirCenter. Other team members who used to work for JetDirect, AMI and/or TAG include Matthew Sheble, executive vice president of business operations and COO; Dennis Germaske, executive vice president of business development; and Laura Hunter, senior director of finance.

As of mid-June, Flight Partners was busy setting up its new infrastructure before taking on new customers, according to Sheble. “Before we go to market with our product, we want to make sure we have everything established and ready to go.” Flight Partners will manage aircraft operated under Part 91 regulations and will broker charters for customers who need a charter flight.