Canada’s bizav group wages own p-r battle

 - June 30, 2009, 6:17 AM

There is now a strong need to counter adverse public perceptions of business aviation, said incoming president and CEO Sam Barone at the Canadian Business Aviation Association’s (CBAA) annual convention in Montreal. He cited the Big Three automakers’ return to the Washington Congressional hearings in their cars last December as if they were, in Barone’s words, “almost admitting guilt.” This has created a major PR challenge not only for U.S. business aircraft operators, but for those in Canada as well, he said.

Barone announced a plan to develop more positive media relations and to increase his organization’s strategic advocacy efforts to ensure that key policy makers are aware of “what business aviation in Canada really does in supporting the national economy and creating jobs.”

As part of this initiative, CBAA has commissioned an economic impact analysis to assist in demonstrating how business aviation contributes to the Canadian economy. The association is also adding marketing and communications staff and bolstering its relationships with the government and private organizations that business aviation depends on for efficient operation. Barone said that CBAA is also exploring new ways to partner with key members of the Canadian aerospace industry to work jointly on common objectives in approaching government agencies.