DOT IG: ASAP Needs Work

 - June 30, 2009, 10:33 AM

A DOT Inspector General audit of the FAA aviation safety action program (ASAP) said that while ASAP is a “potentially valuable safety tool, we found that the FAA’s ineffective implementation and inadequate guidance have allowed inconsistent use and potential abuse of the program. ASAP, as currently implemented, is a missed opportunity.” ASAP is a joint FAA and industry program that allows aviation employees to self-report safety violations without fear of reprisal. According to the DOT IG, the FAA must improve the program by revising ASAP guidance; emphasizing that ASAP is not an amnesty program; and requiring inspectors to examine repetitive reports of ASAP-related safety concerns, among others. It also asked the FAA to develop a central database of all ASAP reports that the agency can use for trend analysis at a national level.