In the works: Epic Aircraft-Elegance, Genesis

 - June 30, 2009, 11:50 AM

At the Sun ’n’ Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Fla., in April, Epic Aircraft launched a pair of turbine twins. Company CEO Rick Schrameck told AIN that the current economic climate is “just the time to invest” in developing more aircraft. The new Elegance turboprop twin and Genesis twinjet share the same basic fuselage as the eight-seat Dynasty turboprop single, though the Elegance is stretched to accommodate 10 seats while the Genesis can accommodate six. Schrameck dubbed the $5 million Elegance a “next-generation King Air 350,” while he called the $2.2 million Genesis “an Eclipse 500 killer.” First flight of the new twinjet is expected by year-end; the Elegance turboprop twin is slated to fly by July next year. No certification date estimates are yet available, though Schrameck said he will let the market decide which new model gets certified first. Meanwhile, flight testing of the $1.95 million Dynasty is continuing, with FAA certification planned “no later than 16 months from now,” Schrameck said. According to the FAA, however, Epic Aircraft has not yet formally applied for a type certificate for any of its models.