Accidents Preliminary Report: Falcon damaged after slip on icy runway

 - July 1, 2009, 6:42 AM

Dassault Falcon 20, Jamestown, N.Y., Dec. 21, 2008–The Falcon 20, registered as N165TW to Sierra America and operated by Ameristar Jet Charter, was substantially damaged when the aircraft left the runway while landing at Chautauqua County/ Jamestown Airport. The charter operator reported the jet overran the runway and came to a stop after the nose gear struck a snow berm. Upon examination, the aircraft was found to have suffered damage to the nose gear strut, the nose gear bin assembly and the fuselage skin. The operator reported that a Notam had been issued by the airport describing patchy snow and ice on the runways. According to the operator, during the landing the runway was covered in ice and braking action was “nil.” The captain noted in a written statement that the jet’s drag chute failed to deploy properly, and upon examination was found partially hanging from its storage pod. Neither
the airline transport-certified pilot nor the commercial-certified copilot was injured
in the accident.