Hot Section: Hawker Beechcraft offers MX raining with FSI

 - July 28, 2009, 9:32 AM

MxPro, a training partnership between FlightSafety International and Hawker Beechcraft, incorporates both academic and hands-on situational training for maintenance professionals. “Our goal is to develop a program that will enhance
the technicians’ ability to troubleshoot and repair aircraft quickly while minimizing down time,” said Bill Brown, president of Hawker Beechcraft global customer service and support.

The program immerses the technician in a learning environment specifically designed to replicate real-life service issues and events. Aircraft are used to reinforce classroom material with an interactive computer 3-D model for in-depth operational and maintenance tasks.

Factory-owned Hawker Beechcraft Services maintenance centers are requiring their maintenance personnel to take training beyond the initial MxPro requirement. The higher level MxPro Plus program includes supplementary task-oriented training. The MxPro program is being launched for the Hawker 900XP with plans in progress
to implement it for the Hawker 4000. Other platforms will be added in the future, according to Brown. Training is slated to begin later this year in Wichita, at FlightSafety’s new maintenance training center.

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