Learjet severely damaged in engine run

 - July 28, 2009, 11:21 AM

On June 18, a Learjet 40XR (N988AL) suffered severe damage at Fort Worth’s Meacham International Airport after technicians reported a stuck engine throttle while taxiing during an engine run. According to airport manager Bill Welstead, the aircraft was throttled up after leaving Turbine Engine Specialists when the technicians in the cockpit noted that the engine control on the left engine was stuck. One technician applied full pressure to the brakes, causing them to lock and the jet to skid for about 200 yards before striking one curb, which buckled the nose gear, and then another curb, which took off the nose gear completely.

According to an FAA spokesman, the mechanics told investigators that they attempted to shut down the engine but were unable to find the emergency cut-off switch because things were happening at a rapid rate. The wayward aircraft continued up a grassy hill with the left engine at full thrust until the right wing struck a hangar, damaging the wing itself, as well as the hangar wall panels and a structural support. The engine continued to run for another 30 seconds, turning the airplane until the technicians were able to finally shut it down.

There were no injuries, but the Learjet could be a total loss. The incident was under FAA investigation last month.