Avidyne Introduces FMS400, R9 Pricing Levels

 - August 28, 2009, 6:30 AM

Using the stage at Oshkosh to make several product announcements, Avidyne introduced a lower-priced version of its next-gen flight management system called the FMS400 and rolled out three pricing levels for the Release 9 version of its Entegra integrated avionics system. Avidyne’s FMS400 is designed for buyers who don’t need Waas precision approach capability right away but still want to step up to the advanced interface of the FMS900w flight management system. The FMS400 can be upgraded to include Waas capabilities in the future, Avidyne said. The avionics maker also introduced silver, gold and platinum levels for Entegra R9 spanning in price from $39,500 for silver, $59,000 for gold and $72,800 for platinum. The silver version includes a single ADAHRS and FMS400 while the platinum offering has dual ADAHRS, FMS900w, an FMS keyboard and synthetic vision. All three versions are available starting this month.