FAA orders retesting for 1,400 mechanics

 - September 1, 2009, 9:32 AM

The FAA has decided to require a retest for 1,400 mechanics who used Tobias Aerospace Services, an FAA-approved airplane mechanic testing facility. The agency shut down the San Antonio operation last fall and pulled owner Bryan Tobias’s designated mechanic examiner rating when it became suspicious of an “unusually high success rate and volume of mechanics tested and certified” by Tobias. Over an eight-year period Tobias averaged 150 to 250 exams a year, with students traveling to the facility from as far away as Asia, Latin America and South America.

“Because it was impossible to determine which mechanics received substandard tests, the FAA is requiring all of the approximately 1,400 people who used Tobias’s testing facility to take a new written and oral test that will be administered directly by the FAA. Each of the affected mechanics is being notified by letter and will have 30 days to contact the FAA to arrange a testing time. The FAA will revoke the certificates of those who fail to comply,” said Mike Zenkovich, manager of the agency’s flight standards division for the southwest region.